Dedicated to My Amazing Girlfriend, Samantha ❤

Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for Sam.

Jordan Mendiola


Where do I even begin? Sam and I have been through so much together and I am so blessed that she came into my life.

The way we met was pretty funny — it was when Facebook dating started becoming more common amongst people. We matched, exchanged numbers and could not stop talking to each other.

Little did we know that a few months later, we’d be dating and begin writing our story together.

Instant reactions of things I love about Sam

  • She truly cares about people and does everything in her power to bring a spark or sense of humor into any situation.
  • Sam is adventurous — anything that I have wanted to venture off or do, she has always been by my side because she knows it would make me happy and she’s willing to seek discomfort.
  • She is so easy to talk to, so willing to try new things, and very open-minded.
  • All of my friends love her — when you can take your significant other out and introduce her to a wide array of friends and click with all of them is priceless. I have befriended some of her closest friends too and we practically merged friend groups.

You never realize how much you truly love someone until you go a day or two without talking to them because they give you that extra boost of energy or comfort we all look for.

Sam Has Completely Accepted Me for Who I Truly Am.

When it comes to sports, I love watching the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners, and the Chicago Bulls. She has sat side-by-side with me throughout every game and even put the stream on when we were on a bus in Cancun, Mexico.

To top it all off, she surprised me and my brother with tickets to the Seattle Seahawks opener against Russell Wilson and The Seattle Seahawks.

Shifting gears into music, I love EDM, some rap, and artists who make really chill beats. We found a major connection with music and have probably attended at least 20 shows within our first year of being together.



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