A few gems in the six years of being a horizontal construction engineer.

Photo of Jordan Mendiola

Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Yes Theory’s iconic phrase is something I follow every single day and it’s making me a better person

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Boost your productivity without losing creativity

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And how you can implement it into your workouts

Person running
Person running
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And how she makes me the luckiest guy out there

Roselyn and I

How We Met: We Matched on Tinder in 2018

And how you can apply them in your own life

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Every little thing I do today is a building block to my future.

And how my investment turned out better than I expected.

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You Always Win When You Invest in Yourself Because There’s Always a Lesson to Take Away.

And all the missed potential opportunities you’ll notice when it’s too late.

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And how it leaves us stuck in the middle and unsure what action we should take

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Knowledge is the ultimate unlock to daily improvement

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Jordan Mendiola

Committed to sharing ideas that lead to more fulfillment in all areas of life. Email: Mendiola1829@gmail.com ❤️08.18.20🔐

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