Relying on someone else can’t always be your crutch.

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If you disagree, the door is that way.

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And anyone can do it with a little motivation and focus.

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And they’re not going to break the bank.

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1. Spotify — Student Price $5.99/month

And how she makes me the luckiest guy out there

Roselyn and I

How We Met: We Matched on Tinder in 2018

It was a well-needed refreshing experience.

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There are tons of people going out to festivals.

How you can boost your productivity for the day.

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You feel accomplished when you eat breakfast.

Switching a negative connotation into a positive one.

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You expose yourself to different perspectives and ideas.

And why you should start watching it.

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You get to see another side of Loki.

And how you can survive.

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Committed to sharing ideas that lead to more fulfillment in all areas of life. Email: 🔐 08.18.20

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